Login and Password Entering manually


Hi All,

  1. using open browser,gmail.
  2. window has to pop up asking USERNAME & PASWORD manually.

IS this possible ?
how ? which activity i should used after the CLICK Activity.

Thanks & REgards
vinod sagar


@vinod_sagar use typeinto for username and secure typeinto for password. u can use these without using click activity.


Hi @vinod_sagar,
yes its possible,

use attach window then use type into activity.

Refer this post

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:


i want username and password should be entered MANUALLY…after CLICKING on username and password.

Thanks in advance


Using input dialogue take username and password and save it to a variable and then pass that variable to the type into activity . refer below image.


@vinod_sagar use input dailog before typeinto activity


Hi @vinod_sagar, when I have opened gmail I did not see any Pop-up, could you share the screenshot of the windows popup you want to automate,


@Thank you its working fine


Thank you very much


Thank you


No problem bro, Happy automation :grinning:


Thank you @arivu96


now you can mark it as solved bro.


Even I don’t know bro but many questions I see it as solved, will see if any body helps us on this :joy::joy: