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I am simply going to a website and I want the attended user to be able to enter their username and password and login. I am not able to get it done. I cannot use Windows Credentials or assets. I just need to be able to enter the username, the password and click login. Can anyone tell me how to get it done? Please provide me with an example…

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You could use the “Input Dialog” activity

You get the entered value by the variable “result” and then use it to enter the site.

Best Regards, Svilen

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@svilen.ivanov are you want input from user or you want to put hard code.

Hello @Nenna_Anya
If you are looking for a solution to get the username and password from user and to enter the same in the application you can do as below.

  1. Use Input dialog activity and get the username and password to 2 variable.
    2)User typeinto activity and type the credentials.


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Another way…

Install the UiPath.Credentials.Activities…

Now drag and drop the Request credentials…

This will ask the user to input the username and password… if you don’t want to add this to credential manager you can choose enterprise.

Try this and let me know.


Thank you with a few modifications everything is working.

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