Logic for sending a follow up mail after every 24 hours (excluding Sat-Sun) for 2 days

I’m working on a SR and sending followup mail for every 24 hrs for 3 days (excluding saturday and sunday) if it contains incomplete details.
It needs to keep in mind also that if the bot triggers even two or more times on the same day, still it has to send mail only after 24 hrs.
For Example: If I’m starting following up on Friday, logic for next Followup and it should be after 24 hrs only
Followup1 on Friday,
2 on Mon,
3 on Tue

you can use time based triggers in orchestrator , so you can schedule every weekdays particular time then it will be trigger after only 24 hours

example : schedule bot 5pm evening in week days

follow this video for reference

HI, it’s not related to BOT trigger. IT can trigger anytime in day. We just have to put logic for followup only…like it should send mail only after 24 hours …in code not from Orchestrator

if dateTime = “”
send followup mail

for that you have to know last run , instead of you building logic in code going with triggers is smooth option there no need of building logic

last run we can extract my systemDate and time right…we can save like that?

convert.todatetime(input date_time_var).addhour(24) <= datetime.now

you can use condition like this if you have a last run time ,

may be you can update datetime on any excel or database for reference