Email every hour

Hi All,

How do I create automation where the

  • the bot will trigger to run every 15mins via Orchestrator
  • every top of the hour an email will be sent to confirm via UiPath Studio
  • email to be sent between 9am to 8pm weekdays

I’ve created 2 variables but realised that this will not run the bot based on the requirements I provided above.

IF Condition

Let me know. TIA!

hi @j8zel

for this scenario you need to use chrone expression

0 0/15 9-19 ? * MON-FRI ( this chrone expression will trigger job for every 15 mins from 9 AM in the morning - 7:45 PM in the night)

you need to create another trigger for last run i.e 8PM run in the night from mon - fri (you can create easily by using basic trigger properties for this)

Thank you! I suspected I needed to create 2 triggers. That answered my question.

What about every top of the hour 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00… an email is sent.


0 00 9-12 ? * MON-FRI - this expression will work

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