Schedule a robot on specific dates

Hi Everyone,

I have a case with schedule a robot on specific date to send email

  • I have to get data from excel (recipient’s email address and specific schedule date for sending email)
    -Send email based on specific schedule date in excel
    -Send reminder email after 10 days from the schedule email (lets say the email will send at 1st June 2020, then the reminder email must be sent at 11 June 2020)

What should i do ? how to manage schedule on orchestrator with this case ?

Thank You

Hello @Robin25,

You can use cron expressions to schedule this type. Here is the link


Thanks for your response,

is cron expression able to use for one time schedule (one time execution every task)? because i read from that link , it uses for recurring tasks (“It provides for highly customizable scheduling of recurring tasks”)

My case just needs one time execution every task

Hello @Robin25,

I am not sure about that :neutral_face:
you can search queries on cron jobs on forum, you might find solution.


This may be a bit of longer process than you would want to do, but have you considered loading the schedule into a queue and then using the queue to manage the process?

Hi ,

Thank you for your kind response,
i got it , i use cron expression generator : Free Online Cron Expression Generator and Describer -


Hi thanks for your response , i never use it , can you explain it?

You can create a queue for the outbound emails, and then add transactions for each email and set a date/time with the postpone to execute the transaction in the future.

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