Logging into Same application multiple times

HI All,

I want to develop a bot with RE framework my requirement is to Login into an application and do a task . the same need to be done by list of multiple users , the users list will be in Excel with username and password , each user should login and enter the values in the application and Logout , and next user should login and do the same activity.
Is this possible , because Logging in should be by multiple users one by one for the same application.

Thanks in Advance

You could do this, but you will need to store the usernames and passwords somewhere secure. You can store them in Orchestrator, but be sure to store the passwords as SecureString datatypes. Then you can use each queue item to log in for each user.


If I am not using orchestrator and I will run the bot in attended mode , is this possible?

Yes, but you will at least need something else to iterate over. The names and credentials could be stored differently in some way or another, but the important thing is to ensure password security.

Thank you and any examples available here ?

Not that this is necessarily the best solution, but if you can get the usernames in to Excel and the passwords as byte strings into a CSV file, you could read from that. I’m sure there are other ways, but I’m not familiar with the implementation method.


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