Multiple login

Hi Friends

I have automated a process which will be used by multiple users with different login IDs as attended bot.

In this case how can i set the user ID and PW in the workflow.

Please help me.

For Attended BOT, you dont need to define user id and password. Once the package is published to Orchestrator and Configured in Environment, it can be used in multiple user machine.

Note: All the BOTs needs to part of the configured environment.

Hi thanks … but Sorry , I will put my question in this way.

I have a process where users will have to log in to a URL with their user ID and PW automatically. where can we maintain the User IDs and PW.

for ex:
I will publish my process and

person 1 : run the process , bot has to login with his user ID and PW with out any message box inputs.

Person 2: runs the same process , bot has to use his User ID and PW.

In this case what is the best way to maintain the user IDs and PWs and how to achieve the above.

We have a concept in Orchestrator called Value Per BOT. Save a credential Asset and set individual password as Value per BOT. This should resolve your issue.

Example Screenshot:


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