Multiple credentials for same URL

Hello All,

I want to login with multiple different credentials for same URL. How to give that path?
Eg- Login for 1st credential and download the date and then logout and close the browser and then open with another credential.
Please help me with this.

Hi @ramshiva_reddy ,
You can save credentials in config file,
use for loop to get information login

@ramshiva_reddy - In case you haven’t looked into it yet, Assets in Orchestrator is a secure way to manage credentials like this:

Please see if this is something that would work for you and/or give more details if you need more help.


Can you please tell me how to put that credentials in loop?

Hey @ramshiva_reddy ,

  1. You can store credentials into ‘Assets’ in the Orchestrator and then use the ‘Get Credential’ activity in the studio to retrieve the Credentials.
  2. If secrecy is not a concern then you can store it in an excel file and then read it using the ‘Read Range Workbook’ activity.
  3. If you’re using RE Framework then you can implement queues to store the credentials.

Overall storing the credentials in the Assets in Orchestrator would be a better option.



If you are reading it and storing it in a Datatable then you can make use of the ‘For each Row’ activity and then use a ‘Type Into’ activity where you can use the variable name of the ‘For each Row’ in the input field

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