Run same bot for multiple iterations

Hello Experts, I would like to run a bot for multiple iterations. Every time it must enter new values. In other words, I would like to run a bot for multiple times and parameterize few values on each iteration. Please guide me how to do that? Thank you

Hi @Pavan_Patke !
Sure, what are the arguments of your Main.xaml ? Do you use Orchestrator ? Is it Orchestrator Community or Enterprise ? What is the version of your Orchestrator ? Or are you thinking of the windows tasks scheduler ?

Hello Hiba, I’m a newbie to Uipath. I have managed to created couple of bots for my projects.
I’m using UiPath Studio community version.

Example scenario:
LOGIN to SAP application with userid : ABC & Password : 123

Now I need to run this for 10 times for 10 different credentials. How can I achieve it? Please advise. Thank you

use excel and save that credential userID and pass and loop it if its the same procedure or the bot is doing diffarent process then use multiple bot it will atke care you just assine the bot that is

Chethan P

Hello Chethan, Is it possible to read the excel inside the loop?

Hi @Pavan_Patke
If you read the excel file inside the loop, you will read the same excel file n times; I don’t think that it is useful.
Here is an example so you understand how the excel file intervenes in your situation:
SAP_runtimes.xaml (8.2 KB)
Sessions.xlsx (8.4 KB)