Log in txt file

I created a bot that is made up of several sequences. I have now been given the requirement to log the important steps of the bot in a log file and to save the whole thing in a txt file. How exactly can I do that?


have a look here

I have already found this page but it doesn’t really help me

@RoboticApprentice, If you want to log information/error in text file then you may want to use File.AppendText() method. In fact there are couple of more method in File class which you may want to have a look.

Please let me know if you need more assistance.


what is missing? Thats the standard on how logging is done in UiPath.
For some Bots we implemented something like ProcessResultTracker (Dataype: DataTable) on the End of Process we store it in an Excel File or csv File

Maybe this approach is closer to your requirements

The method @Bhavik_Solanki mentioned is the way to go.

See the following topic: Export log from Output panel to text file. This will make the logs appear both locally as in Orchestrator.

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