Logging in Uipath

Hi All,

How to create a logging mechanism which will be saved after the entire process, which can be used for further debugging when the process has been executed in the production mode.

Gone through many link but couldn’t find much details.

Any suggestion will be helpful.

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Buddy @harsha8687 along the workflow you can use log message activity whereever you want to make a logging mechanism…this activity will store the log message that you want to, in the log files folder of the studio C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs

And if you are running with orchestrator you can manage the logs of each process with the help of view log option in each robot setting and process setting

Hope this would help you @harsha8687


hey @Palaniyappan,

As per u r suggestion i have used the log message which is creating messages in the Output Panel, when trying to access the location due to security reasons I am not allowed to access those folders. Is there any way to place that in a specific location where, I can access that files at regular intervals of time.

yes buddy @harsha8687 it is possible to change the log file location.Open the Nlog.xml file located in UiPath folder in Program Files(x86) folder in C drive.

<variable name="LogDirectory" value="${specialfolder:folder=LocalApplicationData}/UiPath/Logs"/>

This is the path of log file. You can edit this path as per your need.


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is that working buddy @harsha8687

I am not able to find the Nlog.xml in the C Drive

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Buddy you can find in this path @harsha8687

open with notepad buddy
and change the path you want,
you can more details about the log in uipath

Hope this will work for you buddy…

were you able to locate it buddy @harsha8687