Create a system generated log (txt file)

hey, everybody,
how can I create a system generated log of essential bot steps on a successful run (txt-file) and where are these files stored afterwards.

Thanks in advance

You are able to use the Log Message activity to write to the output pane of UiPath Studio and the log file in the UiPath “Logs” folder. If you’re running your process from Orchestrator you’ll also have your logs there.

If you would like to create something more flexible, see Export log from Output panel to text file

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okay thank you very much. Is it also possible to put a complete sequence in a flowchart into a log message, if so what would the command look like.

I am not quite sure what you mean.

If you mean if you can use all of this in a flowchart, yes you can. All you gotta do is make sure the LogWrite Action<String> variable is within your Flowchart’s scope so you can use it in that flowchart. The command would look the same as any other place and you’d have to use it in the Invoke Code activity

Sorry if I phrased it wrong. I would like to ask what the log write action is called to capture an entire sequence of a flowchart. I have several sequences in a bot project that are arranged one after the other within a flowchart and I would like to write each sequence (complete with all contents) to a log but I would need the command

I am not aware of such a command / feature. You would have to add excessive amounts of log writes which is definitely not best practice.

I would add log messages throughout the execution of your sequence to trace important parts and to give you an idea as to what the robot is executing.