How Create a Log File, Specific to the Bot Execution

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I am new to UiPath & have gone through the Article related to “Hoe to create log file”. But i am not able to understand that.
Kindly let me know the Step-by-step approach for this,
like Each time Bot Runs,

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How to create a Log File with TimeStamp.
And is it possible to mention the variables inside of that text file.

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Both UIPATH ROBOT and Studio has default logging process and you can find the logs in .\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs and by default Log files are created with Time stamp.

You can add information to the logs using the activity - Log message and pass dynamic variable to it.
Even customization of Log message is possible via activities like Add Log Fields and Remove Log fields.

For more info, Go through [Studio Logs]

but what if I want to creat a excel file to record the operation log
such as, for every robot ID, I want to record some points to make user know, if it run sucessful and error in which step.

If you connect Robot to Orchestrator, Each job status and log can be recorded.

IC, thanks.