Locked out of my uipath studio

so I have been gone from UiPath since early 2020.

I have spent an embarrassing amount of time hours all and all trying to get access to my uipath robot I have followed How to enable the interactive sign-in featre from Orchestrator settings - #4 by loginerror and enabled my interactive sign on.

I managed to become an attended user but I still cannot play around with my previous processes like update them so that they actually work.

I am also unable to actually build any new processes.

any advice would be greatly appreciated


What’s the error you are facing?
Are tell us are you using the Community edition?
Share us the studio screenshot where you are facing issue


and yes community addition

thank you for your time :grinning:

we assume following:
on your development machine you want to develop Automation projects which are connected to the Orchestrator

(Modern Folders)

have a check on following

  • go to tenant
  • click Robots
  • identify your account and on right side click check folders and permissions
  • check that the relevant folders are granted

  • Click tenant
  • Click Manage Access
  • Identify your account and on right side - right mouse click → Edit
  • select Robot Setup
    *select licencetype - test with RPA Developer pro
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If you have left with the Studio Pro license, then follow below link

Check for Machine Key to connect the robots

Hope this may help you


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thank you so much for your reply :smiley: So my solution was to go to the accounts and Groups of the Admin Tab and send a invitation to my other Email address, and when I logged back in I was able to develop as normal

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