Cannot register Robot to Orchestrator with Machine Key: "Administrator rights are needed"

Hi UiPath,

Need guidance in connecting my machine to UiPath orchestrator.

I can’t connect it using a machine key please see details below:

Did someone experience this situation?

Please let me know

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Pls check this doc for more details

Cheers @aapostol

can you try running the UiPath studio as administrator?

Also, make sure you are connecting using correct parameters.

Else, use Interactive sign-in. You need to enable to from cloud orchestrator and then just simply sign-in.

I assume that you have registered your Robot as a service. In order to modify the service’s configuration you must be an administrator.

This applies to Machine Keys, Logging Level, etc.

If you do not wish to have this constraint, Studio / Robot should be installed in User Mode which is installed in the Users Profile and requires the User to manually launch the UiPath Assistant / UiRobot process.