Lock screen till user completes a particular action

At my company, we need to submit a timesheet on a monthly basis. But many employees fail to do this creating a hue and cry at the last moment and needless to say, unwanted escalations!

So I was thinking to come up with some sort of a solution to force employees to submit the timesheet on a weekly basis. Now the timesheets are filled in through a web site designed for this.

so basically at a scheduled time of a day of the week, the system would need to automatially open the timesheet web app through the browser and go full screen. The system would then be required to disallow the user to perform any action till the message “timesheet succesfully submitted” comes up on the web page.

Some validations would be required to ensure that the time is filled up for the entire week.

I was thinking of developing a solution through UiPath to achieve this. But any thoughts on this is welcome!


I want you to give three solutions for this which is somewhat different than what you are thinking as a solution for this, (may be the third one will suits you the best)

I will go with simple one first

  1. You can send a mail at a particular day to let them know they haven’t submitted just like a reminder until they submit

  2. Actually, as it is a web site, we can record the sequence of submitting time sheet in the browser and just asking the employees to run the workflow on their individual machines will submit their time sheets based on the credentials they provide.Or else, we can store the employees credentials in a excel sheet and picking them up and running the workflow with individual credentials will submit all their time sheets. (which is a security breach) and most important NOTE : this case won’t suit if employee is on leave for a day or two. then the sequence of the workflow needs to be changed.

  3. We can publish the workflow in the orchestrator and connecting it from various machines (floating robot) and scheduling it will do the trick without employee intervention. For this you need some licenses and one more thing here also, (if employee is on leave for one day, then you need to submit time sheet as leave for one day right? then the workflow changes). If it is a general scenario, you can go with single workflow.

Talking about all these stuff, I don’t think lock screen is possible as of now with UiPath, so the above conditions will help you in this type of scenario. I just explained what I did in my local :rofl: