Lock screen till user completes an action

At my company, we need to submit a timesheet on a monthly basis. But many employees fail to do this creating a hue and cry at the last moment and needless to say, unwanted escalations!

So I was thinking to come up with some sort of a solution to force employees to submit the timesheet on a weekly basis. Now the timesheets are filled in through a web site designed for this.

so basically at a scheduled time of a day of the week, the system would need to automatially open the timesheet web app through the browser and go full screen. The system would then be required to disallow the user to perform any action till the message “timesheet succesfully submitted” comes up on the web page.

Some validations would be required to ensure that the time is filled up for the entire week.

I was thinking of developing a solution through UiPath to achieve this. But any thoughts on this is welcome!

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Hello @thejwal_pavithran

This can be done. I have done a similar project in our company. We wanted to have a automated method to regularize the attendance of all the employees. They also do it in the last minute. So we created a bot that logs into the applications, scrapes the attendance data and informs the employees who has irregularities in the attendance to be rectified before a deadline. This information will also be processed by a secondary process and the final result is sent to hr and finance teams.

So to combine the concept to yours, first introduce some standards to the employees saying that it is a must to complete the timesheet before a particular time and date. And say that times marked after will not be considered as valid. Placing such standards is very important when it comes to these type of processes. That’s the same thing we did. For submissions after the deadline will be evaluated separately with the top level management in our case and the employees will be strictly warned. So place similar standards and then apply the automation to your standardized process…

This can be easily done through uipath

Hi @thejwal_pavithran

Can you share the screenshot of the webpage

You can do one thing
create an excel sheet with employee details
use read range activity and pass the values based on the excel like for each row in datatable
use row(“Employee Name”).ToString and do the manipulations like get attribute activity

ashwin S

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