UiPath APPS and Report Status Activity


we developed UiPath APPS that starts with submit button “Search”.
After that workflow can run also for half an hour.
While running, we would like to inform user about the status.

Can we use Report Status Activity for it and how?
Or any other idea?

Thx for any suggestions.

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You can achieve it in multiple ways. one way is

Solution: create variable in the start of the process.


and at any step/stage in the code you can again create variable and check time


if time difference of startTime and MidProcessExecutionTime is greater than or equal to 30mins

then you can you send mail activity or anything to notify user about the status.

30mins or time threshold you can put this value in to the config file so that you can set it through configuration file without any code change in future.

Hi @VanjaV

Report status activity can only display a custom status in the UiPath Assistant for the process that is executing.

If the bot is running in their machine then it is the best one to use

But if it is running in your machine, rather we can use a simple SEND EXCHANGE or SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY along the workflow that you mentioned as will run for 30 mins

You can place the mail activity anywhere along the workflow where you feel the user should be informed about so the workflow itself can send the status every time it is running

Hope this would help you


Hi @Palaniyappan

thanks for useful explanation.

Is there any possibility to place another field under the submit button that
starts workflow in which to mirror each step of the workflow?

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This part can you explain a bit more pls

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

well, our workflow is searching in booking.com. After submitting button “Search”,
it can find different amount of search results, it can be also 50 or more and it
can take also half an hour.

So, for user-friendly sake I want to display to user eg.:

If it is possible, I would also like to display running of the workflow (video) in the green
window like it is possible in UiPath Forms / UiPath Actions (in this case it is PDF viewer behind):

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This can captured with certain activities like get text or get attribute for the page numbers and name of the page / url of the page and can be mentioned along report status activity

And for this

I don’t think so it is possible directly with UiPath apps, but it is possible with HIGHLIGHT activity which we can add along the UiPath workflow
it will highlight only the uielement

Cheers @VanjaV

@Palaniyappan thx, but I want to display it in UiPath APPS. And my question is “How”.


What details you would like to display

What text you are looking for

Hi @Palaniyappan

xy = N

My problem is not “what” do display, but “how”, so that user will know the workflow statuses during execution.

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You found any solution for this?

@Petchi_Paramasivam ,

what are you looking for?