Unplanned Execution time

I am Designing a bot for a tool where the execution time is not fix, means if the process is started then the time taken to complete the process is not fixed. the time taken to complete the process depends on the size of data, it may take 1 hour or 3 hours or even in some case more than 12 hours also and after completing the process i have to extract the report and send it via mail. the report can only be extracted when process is completed. so please suggest me which activity should i use or how should i design my bot. I am in urgent need of the solution please experts help me.

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do you have Orchestrator? I would suggest you use the Robotic Enterprise Framework either way. You have to read out your Databases in the Init-Phase. Make WorkItems(Transactions) that will be processed in the Process Transaction Phase and after everything is done you can send E-Mails in the End Process-Phase. For more Information on “how to” check out the 1st Assignment of the Advanced Training in the UiPath-Academy.


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How do you come to know your process is complete. Identify the unique complete of process and loop it with process status. You need to have loop simultaneously checking the process is running and unique complete identity. Within loop if process is not running or have error do error handling or restart. if process complete identified then run report flow.
For eg. logic only
if it is a webpage status is showing processing and one button gets enable on completion.
if status<>running then error\restart
if button(attribute) enabled then exit loop
'you can add n condition for all possible exception during process
'you can add a time limit to break this loop

Hope this logic have helped you. use uipath activities as per logic.
You also need the identify all possible concern and add as if condition in loop to restart or error handling till completion.

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Jea just check if you find the “Completion Button” with the Element Exists Activity or Image Exists Activity(if it is not working correctly) in a While Activity. If it exists: exit loop else: wait x Seconds with Delay-Activity and check again.

Hope that helps

you can also check GetAttribute of element for checking enabled or disabled.

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thanks for contributing!