Send screenshot/information to user for approval before continuing futher action

Hi all,

I thought of a workflow idea and wondering if it is possible to carry out in UiPath.

My project involves using a robot to modify some information in an app that directly affects operations. As this action could possibly lead to problems in operations, it is important for me to ensure that the robot does to correctly all the time.

My idea is this:
I want the robot to make the required modifications and then right before saving the changes, the robot takes a screenshot/information and sends it to a user for approval, before continuing to save the changes if the user approves. The user is guaranteed to be online and will respond in a reasonable timeframe (30s ~ 2min).

The reason I want to automate this is because it is a highly repetitive task that is currently being done manually.

Thank you! I hope this is a clear explanation of my idea!