Locals Panel blank while debugging

Hi ,

I am using uipath version 2019.6.0 .

while debugging, I am not getting any values in local Pane. Attaching screenshot.

ReadCSV datatable is not available in Local Pane but when i Output the datatable as string and write , It prints values in output window. Please Help


It’s showing in output panel. Please check it properly Read CSV executing and Read CSV closed is there.

And also it printed output like Invoice number and all etc…

That is what my concern is , when it is printing in output panel that means that datatable has been initialized and and set to values.

And since I am in debugging mode , the local panel displayed in the left should have that Datatable … Which is missing … None of the variables are shown in local panel while debugging…

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Hi @mukeshkala

Is there a reason you are using that version? Community Edition should auto-update automatically to 2019.10…

I would suggest a fresh install of the latest version :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply.

That seemed to be an intermittent issue. I am no longer facing the same.


I had this same issue.

After a little while, I got to an answer: My problem was inside an ‘InvokeWorkFlow’ activity. If the invoked workflow was not at the same directory as the workflow of the execution, my variables at the Locals Panel disappeared on the invoked workflow.

I fixed it just changing the directory of the the invoked workflow to the same of the workflow that contains the activity ‘InvokeWorkflow’ (Put them all on the same folder, removing the subfolders).

Hope that this tip was helpful.