Local Variables not showing in Debug mode

This bug has been occurring for me since sometimes most recent 2019.6 update. Happens usually when invoking a secondary (or more) workflow from a main workflow. Setting a break-point within the workflow doesn’t work. Stepping into the workflow manually doesn’t work. Any work-around so that I can see the variables I’m trying to debug?

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Hi buddy @Diego_Becerra

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—so this can be handled in many ways like
Whenever a activity is created make sure that those activities are named uniquely based on the process it does and
—the reason on doing that is whenever a error occurs in your workflow we get an exception message in output panel in the studio, where we will be getting a term called SOURCE which tells the activity where that error occurred
—with that name we can make search of that name in the universal search which can be found at the right top of the studio screen, where type the activity name that we got in exception message
when we do that we will obviously get to know the VARIABLE involved in the exception

That’s all buddy
Hope this would help you
Kindly try and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Diego_Becerra

Hi, thanks for the reply @Palaniyappan

I think you misunderstood. There is no exception or exception message occurring. The problem is that the “Local” panel on the left when debugging is not showing anything (it’s just empty), even though I have various variables defined in the scope of the .xaml file.

Try this please:

Just worked it out for me.