Asset credentials

I have used credentials asset without using global value for 4 different 3 machine the credential got work and in one machine I am getting the error as “The asset does not have value associated with robot”

When checked manually the credential are working the machine name which I mapped is also correct


  1. Verify Robot Permissions: Ensure that the robot running on the machine has the necessary permissions to access and retrieve the credential asset. Check the robot’s role and ensure it has the appropriate permission to use credentials.
  2. Check Orchestrator Configuration: Verify that the Orchestrator configuration is correct for the machine in question. Ensure that the machine is properly connected to Orchestrator, and the robot is correctly assigned to the machine.
  3. Check Credential Asset Configuration: Double-check the configuration of the credential asset itself in Orchestrator. Ensure that the credential asset is created and configured correctly, with the correct machine name mapping.
  4. Restart UiPath Services: Restart the UiPath Robot service and the UiPath Assistant on the machine where the error is occurring. Sometimes, a restart can resolve configuration or communication issues.
  5. Check Firewall and Network Settings: Ensure that there are no network or firewall restrictions preventing the machine from accessing Orchestrator or retrieving the credential asset.

Hi @sruthesanju

Check out the thread and video link