Advanced Training Level 3: Assignment 1

Please suggest me…already my execution have no error of Level 3 Assignment 1 …but when robot start working then system1 username and password type “username” and “password” but i already setup a asset with user & password…

and my Asset name is “ACME_Credential”

hey, you are getting the credentials in Acme_Credentials and storing it in the username and password right ?

@Shubham_Varshney … thanks. I already logged in but shown error in Assign page

GetAppCredentials is looking for a Credential asset first at the Orchestration , then is not exist, look for a credential in windows credentials from type Generic, if not found, then prompt the user for entering a username or password.

Another Thing, the

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Credential problem is solve… now shown “Assign Faulted”


First of all could you please elaborate more about the exception.

Some guidline to Avoid Such Error:
1- Make sure that WIList , is an Array of DataRow type.
2- Make sure that the Scope of the WIList variable is allowed to this sequence, (I mean Scope property of the variable).

Wow! Thanks to everyone…

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