Load testing for Logging in of 100 users simultaneously on multiple browser instances

I want to perform load testing for parallel login of 100 users on following website.
I am unable to login different session on browsers even on incognito.
I wanted to run test on multiple browser instances on same machine simultaneously to test the load bearing for website.
Can you suggest me any solution?

Can you try to disable cookies in your machine

Disabling cookies will prevent login

only session id is been mentained which are in cookies

had you checked approaches like Firefox Multi Acount Container AddOn if it can support you in this case?

I have tried following multi-login extension for chrome already,
But how to integrate that extension with uipath, i mean how to launch open-browser activity with that chrome/browser extension. I have tried a way out, to use Ctrl+shift+X hot key(short cut To open new tab with new session), but that isn’t reliable and is causing selector issue, for parallel automation.

Hi @Priyanka_Sharma1,

Please find working solution.I have took multi session box with two new user logins.

multiple browser instances.xaml (10.9 KB)

Omkar P

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I already tried this solution yesterday.
I want to even browse some…random clicks on the portal after login. Then i am getting selector change issue, if i use wildcards selectors are common for every window, how to browse in those windows parallely,
is this parallel browsing on same portal with multiple browser logins possible?

Will try random clicks.I will let you


I tried random clicks it is working fine you need to do title should be dynamically change so you need to add wildcard like below
Please observe this is php application every click or navigation page tab titles are change so you can make it dynamically for put wildchar *

hi, thank you.
I have saved “title” attribute for each window in the loop while logging in sequence using “Get attribute” in a data table.
Then i have used attach-Browser in next sequence “parallel for each” by supplying selector variable-title of datatable.
I have used parallel for each loop to make simultaneous actions.
Thankfully its working.

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I did like this.I am sorry i dint know exact requirement :grinning:
multiple browser instances.xaml (25.1 KB)

Thank you,
Your previous workflow helped me to reach out to my solution :slight_smile:

This is how i updated the code
multiple browser instances_solution.xaml (25.7 KB)

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