Running Multiple Robots Using chrome

We are using virtual machines and multiple users are logged in with different user ids and they are running different robots.All these robots are using Google Chrome but we are facing many issues in identifying the controls,only if we close all chrome instances and run only one robot at a time its working fine but what we need is we have to run multiple robots from different user ids which uses chrome browser. Can you please give us a solution for this issue??

Thanks in advance.

Hello - I presume you have already installed the Google Chrome plugin.

If it were me I would be looking to capture the ProcessID of each window that you load and then refer to that whenever you are selecting a specific Chrome Window. Sounds like you don’t have enough unique information to identify the correct window.

Also, you can store the particular Browser session in a variable and use that whenever you refer to it in future.

Hope that helps.

Seems to be a bug

Hello, does anyone have a workaround to this issue?

Thank you

Hi, is this issue fixed ? Most of the organization’s applications are working with Chrome now, so we really need to fix this issue in someway to run multiple robots in virtual machines using chrome browser

Hi surendra,

This was fixed in the latest release: 17.1.6522