Multiple logins in the same website


Is it possible to log in multiple accounts in a single website at the same time?

The situation is I have 5 users that need to login the same time and log out at the same time.

Is there an easy way to that that?

I needed to process this scenario in a google chrome only


Open chrome://extensions → select UiPath extension → Allow in incognito mode
Use open browser activity in the properties (Select Chrome, click Private) login to the user account
Use this activity 5 times for 5 different users.


Thanks for answering however

I did the incognito part but after I log in the first time the first user already login in the other sessions of incognito.

Have you tried these settings?

Hello! As far as I can see, you need to have 5 different sessions. Since on chrome, the session is one per profile, you would need to use the solution @rachrahul2 mentioned or a plugin. Please take a look here too: browser - How to start two independent incognito Chrome? - Super User