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We have a page, build in IBM BPM, and its used as internal queue. New cases come into this queue. I’m building a robot that would have to “listen” to this web page and as soon as new item gets added, I’m to get the item ID and store in Orchestrator.

Besides the obvious, refresh every 5 min and find if anything new showed up, is there an activity or way to do this? Has anyone done this before? Monitor Events activity does not have that option, does it?

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Are you open to Chrome Extensions then developing a new bot for this? (if you are using chrome)

Add/Update the Asset?

I’m not sure if I understand your question - I could use Chrome if necessary, but currently I’m using IE.

My issue, again is that if I have a dynamic page, using angular, that pushes new records on a page, instead of scheduling a BOT to run every 5 min and refreshing a page, I wanted to see if there is possibility (without writing additional custom scripts outside UiPath) to place a listener on that page, so that every time new record is pushed on page, Robot picks it up and stores it to Orchestrator queue.

May be a bad idea, but I was talking about using Listener Chrome extensions something like below and the new item can be mailed out to you.

Good idea but workaround and locks me to using Chrome only - which does not work. I’m surprised that UiPath does not have anything like that, since robot runs as a service.

I could write a Python script that runs and does the same and then executes the robot - but again work around.

I’m looking for out of the box activity that can do this, and it seems that does not exist :confused:

Hi kkvakic,

Sorry this won’t be a clear answer. I think you can use the HTTP request activity(or SOAP request?) but I have no clue on how you could achieve that.

Hope somebody more experienced than me on this topic will reply.

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I think I got my answer - simply, no such thing exists in UiPath :slight_smile: yet …

We are planning to write a custom code in BPM to also add new items directly in Orchestrator via API - not ideal but it will work.

Hi @Kemal

This is more of a question that a solution because I’ve considered the same issue but even if you could do real time event monitoring for page updates wouldn’t that tie up a robot full time?

No it should not - Robot runs as a service, so separate thread could be running on that service to verify changes on the site (same as file changes, or folder, or email).

Nice one. I’ve added a challenge: 15. RPA Challenge - Site Listener