Application screen component change tracker

Can we create Bot/automation steps through UiPath which will keep track of all application UI components and trigger notification whenever there is any change in these components or addition of new components, which will eventually help in Bot maintainence for longer run, where bot will itself detect changes in screen and alert.


The Advanced Developer Training will introduce the Robotic Enterprise Framework (REFramework). REFramework will help developer on building a more robust robot.
If the Robot failed due the Application UI changes, it will generate a System Exception.
UiPath developer could put a notification to them at the REFramework System Exception workflow.


Thanks for solution, well we are using RE framework only for productionize for code, let me rephrase my question once more.
Say my Bot always interact with field A in webpage B, if tomorrow addition of field A, a new field also get added C, so although my bot is running fine, it should also say, webpage component has changed

So a webpage/application tracker kind of thing, which on day to day basis can say interfacing applications are same or something has changed.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Vinod_Swain

You could probably download the source code of the webpage and analyse it for changes.