Monitoing URL for Orchestrator Website?


I would like to monitor the availability of the UiPath Orchestrator on-prem URL using heartbeat from Elastic.

Is there an API URL I can use for this purpose, like a status page which returns an HTTP value if the website is up and running?



I looked through the API reference and didn’t see a method to get the status of the Orchestrator site. However, you could use one of the other methods to check the availability. I thought the Authentication method would be a good place to start. This link will take you to the example for making an authentication request using the Orchestrator API. The other methods are in this reference guide so you could find another method that meets your needs better.


You can use the health-check endpoint:


Hi @cristi_pufu,

The endpoint you mentioned would just monitor the Orchestrator health.

How could we monitor the state of each robot via a 3rd party application? This should be without using any authentication. If I use authentication, it makes it 2 API calls (version 2018.4) and we need it to be possible via a single API call.

Thank you.


Can you use a webhook to get a notification of the robot status change?

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It’s good suggestion, however not helpful in our case. We monitor Health Check from 3rd party application, so it’s the 3rd party application hitting UiPath Orchestrator endpoint, not the other way round.

Hi @cristi_pufu, can you please confirm how the URL specified should look like?

We have an on-prem server hosting the Orchestrator (for e.g. Server1), and will such health check be also available for these?

We’re on v2020.10.