Link problem

LINK assign Artificial Intelligence Is Improving Energy Companies — Not Replacing Workers is my ımage url ı want to send an email smtp (with assign)

Do you want send it like hyperlink?

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ı want to variable for link:)

You can use string variable

Can you please explain full requirement?. So I can give the solution directly

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“<img src=” style=“float:left;width:300px;height:300px;” >"

So, you trying to send a mail with this image. Am I right?

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yesss u are right

Mail (130.0 KB)

Please change the image attachment path from your end

Please check and let me know

thank u but ı didnt want this flow . can u show “send outlook” body part?

Step 1:- You have to insert the image in outlook new email then save it as a html format

Step 2:- It will save like this

Step 3:- Edit html file and change the image src. It means you have add “.”(dot) before the path. Please find the following image for your reference

Step 4:- Save it and go to studio use your outlook activity enable is body html option

Step 5:- Attach image path from this folder

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Have you tried?

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