Sending an image in Email Body Issue


In the following image the the image should be sent in the body but in the body only
Smiley face is displayed where image should be sent actually.
and image is sent as an attachment

What is the issue
Help me out with this

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Please send the body with html context.

Then, add the image in the attachment and in html use below code to show it in mail body (.png is the image format)
<img src=“cid:image_name.png”>


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Email (136.5 KB)
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Hi @supu123

Its still not working

@Chetan_Gandhi Are you facing the same problem?

i tried all way

  1. html body + giving the attachment path ---- then the screenshot added both way as mail body and attachment

  2. try using base 64 method it work when i send it to yahoo but not work for the gmail and outlook and i need to work for outlook.

  3. using content id then again its not working.

Is their any one to sort this out???


Kindly check the above post

Hope this will help you

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