I'm not able to send my Outlook mail with the images on its body


I’m trying to send a mail since a Send Outlook mail activity but I’m not able to send it with the whole format (9 images, 8 of them that have links related to).

This is a preview of the mail:

I’m trying to use the WF ImageInSMTPMailBody.xaml tha was posted by @Suchi3190 Suchi in How to add the images in SMTP mail body

It works with my first image (the one that don’t have hyperlink) but don’t work anymore when I add the second one, the WF is blocked on the “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity for a long time until I finally must stop the WF manually.

I’ve not found anything better on the forums topics to have my images on the mail body. Why it is as complicated to send a beautyfull mail with images since UiPath? :pensive:

Someone can help please?

Another solution for adding images in body is that you can upload your images to some image sharing portal like “Imgbb” where you can get the URL of your image and you can add that images using HTML tab “img” in your HTML Body mail.

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Ok, it seems much better, I will try it and feedback, thank you!! :smiley:

Not working :worried:

Must I upload the images in a specific way?

Ah ok I think I’ve found the way, I’ve found a part of the web where it gives you the complete HTML sentence: CT-Logo
I will try with this and feedback :slight_smile:

Working perfectly!!! And this is much better than the other method, much more easy and I only need the Send Outlook mail activity instead of using a whole complex WF to do this little step!! Thanks a lot!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :clap: :clap:

Little annotation: if someone is trying to use images with hyperlinks as me, it’s important to check that only the image source is taken (depending on the navigator used to navigate on ibb you have two or three HTML options to choose):

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