Community Studio License - testing two robots on a queue

A simple question, but is it possible using Studio Community edition to test two robots working on a queue to see how this works in practice? I have been able to run a single Studio robot using a queue. I have been able to run a single unattended robot using a queue. However I have not yet been able to test running two robots against a queue to see what impact it has on throughput. I have two machines, so two local users (not AD), both robots are recognised on Orchestrator and assignable to the Process.

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You could, but at least one of them would have to be an attended bot, since there is only 1 unattended license for the community edition.

I have tried to do this, with one Studio robot and then trying to add a job with the other robot set to Unattended type, but it doesn’t seem to like it for some reason. Not entirely clear why. Is there an obvious debugging/diagnostic to track down why?

What error are you getting when you try to execute the jobs?

I will have to get back to you, as at the moment I can’t even get it to start a job! I press start and it does nothing. I have a single robot (Studio) process running at the moment, so will wait until that finishes and then reinvestigate. Thank you for your assistance so far!

Hi @ChrisC
Your Simple Answer is YES

To do it before check your Community edition how many license your have for Attended and Unattended because to do it in a studio license of bot use useless

Then setup 2 robot one 2 separate machine (2 attended / 2 unattended / 1 attended and 1 unattended )

Connect the both machine and check both are "Connected , Licensed "

Then try your process … :sunglasses: :partying_face: :rocket:

Thanks. I have the standard Community Edition license which the official documentation says has two Studio licenses, two attended bots, one unattended bot and one Orchestrator license.

The configuration I want to test is two unattended bots, on two computers (one on each) picking transactions of one queue on Orchestrator. So far, I have been unable to do this.

I will report back!

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Sorry no. The official documentation appears to say that the Community license provides 2 attended bots and 1 unattended, so I assume I will need to modify the configuration to be 1 attended and 1 unattended.

However on Orchestrator I am able to assign two unattended, but not one unattended and one attended?! All very confusing.

I was able to setup two unattended bots, setup a process and a job which was allocated to one of the bots with the other one showing as pending. Screenshot attached. I have been unable to get the other bot assigned so far.


By what i see is,

You have manually triggered both bot, Both are mapped to one process.
2 Machine, 2 Robots (Unattended), 2 Users, 1 Environment.

How did you add queue item in queue ?

Note:- Community Edition provide only 1 unattended bot.

Ok. So, I need to create 2 processes, one per Performer bot?

The queue was built separately using a Dispatcher robot.

If the Community Edition only provides one unattended bot, is it possible to set up a two robot test against a single queue? The point of the test is to understand the likely performance improvement in having multiple bots servicing a single queue.

I think I have found one issue which is probably related to the separate process point. The second bot is looking for resources that it can’t find, I assume because the whole package environment needs to sit in its own discrete process. I will test by creating a duplicate process and assign this process to the second bot.

By the way, the Orchestrator allows me to set up both bots as “unattended”, even though the documentation says you can’t.