Licensed Orchestrator Attended Bot Process Issue

We have an orchestrator standalone with 5 attended bot licenses we successfully install the orchestrator in a virtual machine while trying to trigger the attended bot from the orchestrator it is throwing unattended runtime licenses not assigned Error
Can I get any help regarding this…

Hi @gulshiyaa ,

Attended Robot should be triggered from UiPath assistant, try triggering from assistant.

Is it Possible to trigger an Attended bot from the orchestrator itself?

Nope, for that, you will be needing an un-attended Robot License.

Yes, we have an unattended bot license but however, we want to trigger the attended bot from the orchestrator. So what will be the procedure?

When you say attended Bot are you referring to automation which you have built? if that is the case, define a robot with production(un-attended) license type & then you can start that process from Orchestrator on the Robot which is defined as un-attended.
If you trying to start it on a robot that has license type as attended, that will not be possible.

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