Deciding weather I need attended BOT license or Unattended Bot license

Dear All,

I have a process which needs to be automated using RPA. The process needs to be triggered every time an email is received from some company. No schedule/Fixed frequency is present.

In such a senario, do i need license of attended bot or license of unattended bot?
Also, if this is possible using both attended and unattended. Then how do i decide on which one to go for in general.


Hi @vineesha - Welcome to the UiPath Community!

In your case your bot will be triggered and it will be always running i.e. it will monitor email and it will perform design task. you can use “Monitor Events” activity in your workflow to continue checking email.

If you need to run task in locked screen (or dedicated VM) without human intervention then you should go for “Unattended Automation” else you can use “Attended Automation” where Human intervention is required to trigger the bot execution and you can not lock your screen.

In case of Unattended bot you can schedule or trigger it from orchestrator.

Thanks Kuldip for your reply.
So i understand that if i deploy only attended bots in my organization then there is no way the BOT will trigger automatically based on triggers like “Email from a specific” user etc.
In case of attended a user has to go to studio and click on run botton always?

Also, if all the bots in my organization are “Attended” can i ignore buying the orchestrator license? As orchestrator makes sense only when I have a specific time where i want to run backend scheduled activities

Your understanding is correct.

Apart from triggering bot, orchestrator is useful in following:

  • Storing Assets, Credentials
  • Managing Your Packages / Libraries & Deployment
  • Monitoring All Robot Logs from Single Place
    If you want above features with your attended bots then you can think of buying orchestrator.