License Activation Failed

I’ve just downloaded and installed 2019.10.1 LTS to test it out. When I try to activate Studio in it gives me the following error:

It’s fairly a simple process. I entered the serial number, it requested to go to the activation website and I got stuck.

Please note I have a 60-day trial license.


Try one more time. If still issue persists then contact Uipath support team to resolve the issue.


If you have Orchestrator License then activate the Orchestrator license first then activate the UiPath Studio license and it is always recommended to contact the technical support team for Enterprise license issues.


@atoi Did you request a Studio Trial or an Enterprise Server Trial? They have different license models: Studio has a per user license model and Orchestrator has a server model. So you won’t be able to activate Studio with an Orchestrator license. Please request a Studio license if you want to do so. If not, install Orchestrator on your server, license it and then Acquire a Studio license from Orchestrator.

You can also check this topic where I gave a more detailed explanation:


Yep. I tried to activate Studio with Orchestrator license. I requested a trial version of Studio and now it’s working. Thank you @ovi :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


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