I can't activate the trial

the new activation format does not let me activate the studio (1111-2222-3333-4444), this error appears to me, which I am doing wrong, I follow the steps and nothing


What application are you trying to activate here ?

uipath studio+robot


Are you installing Uipath Enterprise Edition 2019.10 LTS version ?

And also Internet connection is there or not for that machine ?

trial Enterprise Server

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This is the intended behavior, please check here the detailed explanation:

Also, the above screenshot you shared mentions in step 3 that you have to first install Orchestrator and you can only license Studio via Orchestrator. Also, below that it points you to a link where you can request a standalone trial key for Studio.

I saw that it was, sorry for the delay in the response, it is how the way of activating it per page was changed by the orchestrator, download the file, upload it to the orchestrator and then activate the studios, thanks