Licencias de Uipath


I have a question, at the moment I have 5 robots in each one in a different virtual machine with license of Uipath Studio CE and 1 license for the orchestrator and 5 licenses of uipath robot. What I need is to migrate these 5 robots to a single virtual machine without affecting the execution of the robots in the orchestrator that is currently done because I only have 1 license for uipath studio.
The solution could be simply to copy the xaml of the 5 robots to the virtual machine and open them from the licensed studio uipath, then publish them?

Hi @Jelssy_Pomar_Alvan

Let me see if i get your configuration. You have

  • 5 virtual machines
  • 1 Robot on each of the machines (total 5 Robots - licensed)
  • are the Robots attended or unattended?
  • 1 Studio on a different machine? or on one of the 5 machines?
  • the Robots on the 5 machines each execute different processes?
  • do you want to have all the processes that all the robots execute to be executed by a single Robot on a different machine?
  • are the processes that are executed by each of the 5 Robots published locally?

Please answer to the questions above or confirm if my understandings are right and we’ll find a solution based on your needs. I just want to have the correct and complete information before giving you an answer.

Hi @ovi
Answering your questions:

  1. Yes, 5 virtual machines

  2. Yes, 1 Robot on each of the machines (total 5 Robots - licensed)

  3. the robots are unattended

  4. on one of the 5 machines

  5. Yes, the Robots on the 5 machines each execute different processes

  6. No, Actually I have 5 process, each in a virtual machine (because before I had uipath studio community Edition). Now, I want to have all my processes in only one virtual machine because I have only one Licence of Uipath Studio but I have 5 license to execute the robots in 5 virtuals machines

  7. Published locally

In a windows server I think you could put your 5 Unattended Robots (with runtimes approvisioned, Concurrent Execution) and Manage them with Orchestrator. Or use a VM (No Concurrent, One by One)

Hi @asesor-rpa

Actually I have 5 processes in different machines managed in 1 Orchestrator, each process runs in 5 virtual machines, but all my processes have a license of uipath studio Comunity Edition and now I have a company with 1 license for uipath Studio, so I want migrate These 5 processes to a machine with uipath Studio Enterprise without affecting the execution that has been done.

it’s a matter of avoid Scheduling Conflict among processes. 1 Robot (Unattended) can execute your 5 processes in Sequence organizing all Schedules in Orchestrator. Or 1 Robot (Attended) can execute your 5 processes Triggering them One by One, with someone supervising it.