Level3 no2 assignment


I have the problem on Submit assignment.
I have completed the following work:

—Queue items have status Successful
—WI4 items in ACME application set to status Completed

But fail to . Submit assignment

  • Please help me confirm whether there is something wrong here

it’s a part of my yealyReport file. ( My in_year argument is “2018” )



Failed to submit assignment means ?

You are not able to upload zip file ?

Or you are facing any other issue ?

displayed 0/100 failed T.T


  1. Have you reset the data before uploading zip file ?

  2. Are you using same credentials in ACME and Academy site ?

  3. Have you hard coded any values in the process ?

  4. After uploading Excel file and it will generate one id and make sure no spaces before or after it.

  5. don’t place project related files outside of it and make sure you zip and uploaded all files.

  1. before uploading zip file I didn’t reset the data.
  2. YES.
  3. NO.
  4. I saved the file to be uploaded in the (D:) ,and my project files are on my desktop.


after download report — the file name is Report-FR322345-3 (There is no year) It’s ok ?


Use Trim function to trim spaces.


And also place all files under same folder. But you placed some files under D drive and some files under desktop.

You have to keep all files under same folder and zip it and upload there.

At the time download monthly report there is no year in the file. You have to merge all monthly files for each Vendor and make the file name as mentioned in walk through document and this contains year.

I ran it again.There is no problem at runtime
orchestrator :

- Here’s one Retry,but in the end it was successful

ACME System 1 - Work Items ,All WI4 is completed.

  • I’m still 0 after I submit it



Have you placed all project related files in same place or not ?

As you said in earlier post, you placed files in different folder like some are in D drive and others in desktop.

Yes, I placed

There is something wrong with the format ,There isn’t impact ,yes?