assignment 2

I just submitted my 2nd assignment, and got 0/100. The workflow runs smoothly and correctly grab the confirmation code and save into item comments field, and check the status to be Completed. The only question area I can see if the reporting Year. Because it is now 2019, the previous year should be 2018. So all my reports are running for 2018, but not 2017. Would it be an issue? I noticed though, some of my item don’t have any reports for 2017. Please help! Thank you!

Hi @asrika

Year is fine.

  1. Reset you data
  2. Clear your queue or create new
  3. Run dispatcher
  4. Run Performer
  5. Check that all Queue items have status Successful
  6. Check that all the WI4 items in ACME application set to status Completed
  7. Submit assignment


hi Prankur,

I have already reset the data and checked 2017 is not present in the year dropdown.

Srikanth A


you have to download reports in 2018

I’ve tried that to but my mark is showing as 0.

what about the file name ? are there any changes to be done which were used as 2017 ?

What mark??

Can you please elaborate it…

Yes I have update the year in file upload also

Hi friends,

My assignment is completed and got my certificate thanks for your helps

Srikanth A

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I have the same problem as you,How did you solve it?
—Queue items have status Successful
—WI4 items in ACME application set to status Completed

But fail to . Submit assignment