Calculate Client Security Hash REFramework-System1 Naviagte to work-item details

Hi Everyone!!
Im facing an issue while working with the System 1 Navigate to work item details:
I have provided system navigate url for work item details:
in_SystemURL+“work-items/” +in_WorkItemID.ToString

When running it shows this in the url:
Page Not Found

  1. Checked the config file: System 1 url : item id is generated while extracting the WIID and was able to filter the WI5 work items.

Not able to understand why navigation page is showing an error.

Hi @parvathi_ayanala

Can u check whether WIID is passed to the workflow correctly

It happens when it is not passed correctly


Nived N :robot:

Thank you for acknowledging. Im checking that part (WIID) .Will definitely get back to you if not working.


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It worked .Thanks

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