Level 3 Exercise 1 Error from Transaction Item, but no errors are being flagged?

Hi all,

I’ve been doing the RPA Developer course. In my Main.xml topic, I have errors coming from the TransactionItem.

I’ve attatched screenshots of the areas flagged-which include the GetTransactionData and Process and what they look like, along with the current variables.

Transaction Data




Could the error be from the SetTransactionStatus? I haven’t changed that, in spite of not using queues, but it doesn’t seem to be flagged in the Main.xml at this point. For modifying that, should we eliminate all mentions of the queue? However, I’ve already eliminated all mention of SetTransactionStatus in the workflow, so I don’t believe this is the error.

I don’t know why it’s like this and UiPath isn’t showing me any errors within the argument as well. Can anyone offer any help?

Thank you!


Are you can change the in_transaction item as datarow type in set transactionstatus work flow?
And you can delete the set transaction status activities in that work flow.

Yeah. It was an issue in the set transaction status activities, and I missed a transactionitem somwhere, but control+f let me fix that. Thanks!

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