Level 3 Training - ASSIGNMENT No.2 - Generate yearly Report problem

Hello. Need help with this activity. After changing the variable TransactionItem to string type in the main workflow and it’s respective arguments in SetTransactionStatus, GetTransactionData and Proccess workflow, as requested in the instruction pdf, Im getting stuck with a error in SetTransactionStatus, don’t know why, it appears it didn’t accept the conversion from queue type to string type. Don’t know how to fix.


Also I Have another error in the framework, this time with the workflow System1_Open, the one that open the browser and log into acme-uipath. It gives me the error : License error - You need to be registered. Here is the image

Regarding the first error - if you are not using queues, just comment out or disable the IF activity in all the branches of setting transaction status.

No clues in the second error? Really don’t know what’s happening. I’m using enterprise edition so I think it’s not about the studio license.