Log: "Set Transaction Status xaml failed"

Hi all,

I get for any reasons pretty much randomly such a log message as an error message:

“SetTransactionStatus.xaml failed: The values provided for the root activity’s arguments did not satisfy the root activity’s requirements:
‘SetTransactionStatus’: Expected an input parameter value of type ‘UiPath.Core.QueueItem’ for parameter named ‘in_TransactionItem’.
Parameter name: rootArgumentValues at Source: UiPath.Core.Activities”

Is anyone of you able to help me, please? :slight_smile:

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Please make sure the invoked workflow arguments type is matching with the assigned values data type.

Are you connected to Orchestrator?

Hey guys,

first of all: many thanks for your quick replies!

@pathrudu: Yes, I am connected to the Orchestrator
@KarthikByggari: I checked every invoked workflow argument - it seems to be all fine

Could there be any other solution?

Until this message, everything works fine - and the workflow where I get the log error message at is within its second loop - maybe this information helps?

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Can you paste the screenshot of arguments of SetTransactionStatus.xaml

Here we go:

Delete the default value Nothing.
In the invoke workflow, in the import arguments what is the value you are passing to “in_TransactionItem” ?

I deleted the default value ‘Nothing’. - It did not help…

To be honest: I don’t know where the invoked workflow is to find in my state machine - I can’t find it…is there a usual place to be for it?

Yes, usually SetTransactionStatus gets invoked in the Finally part of the TryCatch-Activity of Process Transaction:


Ahh I found it, thank you!!

It is empty - when I paste the in_TransactionItem argument it does not work either

Hey guys,

again - many, many thanks for your help during the day.

I solved the problem checking again all of the arguments - now its working and ready for deployment.

Best regards

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