Level 3 assignment 2 question - Making changes to the framework

Hey, I’m having trouble right in the beginning. It says the following in the document:

The TransactionItem variable in the Mainfile should be of the System.Data.DataRow type, as we are extracting the entire table to process it one row at a time. You should also change the argument type in the GetTransactionData, Process and SetTransaction Status workflows to match the TransactionItem type

I changed the transactionItem arguments in GetTransactionItem and SetTranaction status workflows but I dont have a Process workflow. I have a Process transaction workflow but it does not have a gettransactionitem arugment in it. It only has a OrchestratorQueueName argument. Any idea what I do here…

Also when I made the changes excluding the process transaction workflow I get a bunch of errors…

@Asanka Can you show us the errors as a screenshot?

Sure can. So here is the first step. I changed the variable transactionitem to Datatable:

Note the errors are in GetTransactionData and Process transaction.

Here are the shots going into them:

I cant find the error on the below image. It may be because of the first one:

Also note I do not have a Process workflow. I have a process transaction one…

Oh I jsut found the process file. It wasn’t in the framework portfolio. I changed that argument to datatype as well.

So any idea why I get these errors? Or will I just end up fixing them as I go through the exercise?