Advanced Training assignment 1, GetTransactionData.xaml

Hi all,

I have some problems with some variables or arguments when I try to do GetTransactionData.xaml. I have tried to change types and searched on internet for Hours but came up with nothing… I have set a link to to a screenshot and my workflow so you can see the errors. Hopefully you can help me guys.

Link to google drive:


Hi it is clearly mentioned it is the type cast issue, In_WIList is a String and you are trying to assign that to Data row. argument type must be List of data row or the data table? can you please check the Input argument type.?

Hi, It fixed the most of the problems when I changed the argument type but now i have an error with out_Transactionitem… The argument type is Datarow but it give an error that says:
" You can’t change the type Datarow to type Queueitem… How shall this be fixed?
Thank you for your help.


I deleted the get queueitem activity, i don’t know is it right but it seems like it could work.

Regards, Mikael