REFramework Level 3. Changing argument type GetTransactionData, Process, SetTransactionStatus

Hi. I’ve spent many hours just getting here, but I think I’m stuck. There are many similar topics in search, but none quite the same.

In the documentation it states “The TransactionItem variable in the Main file should be of the System.Data.DataRow type, as we are extracting the entire table to process it one row at a time. You should also change the argument type in the GetTransactionData, Process and SetTransactionStatus workflows to match the TransactionItem type.”

Attempting to follow that instruction, in the “General Business Process” I change the TransactionItem from QueueItem to DataRow . That caused errors in Get Transaction Data and Process Transaction. This was expected.

Get Transaction Data invokes the workflow GetTransactionData. Opening GetTransactionData.xaml I can see problems with activities End Process, and Try GetTransactionData.

The documentation says “change the argument type … to match the TransactionItem type”. Now there is only one QueueItem type called outTransaction. Changing that to System.Data.Datarow type doesn’t solve my problem.

Another problem is how do I set the TransactionItem to Nothing in End Process? Then there are further errors on the Try GetTransactionData try-catch block.

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After changing the TransactionItem type from QueueItem to DataRow. Delete that assign activity first. And then drag and drop new Assign activity and write same expression into it.

In Assign, out_TransactionItem = Nothing

Don’t know whats going wrong here. After deleting existing assign activity and add new assign activity and write same expression into it. The error will disappear.


Hi and many thanks @lakshman. That was unexpected but it has solved my problem with respect to the assign. I still have other issues, but it’s a welcome step forward. :slight_smile:


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