Difficulty in saving csv with proper name (Assignment 2)

Hello, everyone!

I am having some difficulties in finishing the second assignment of the Developer Advanced Course because of this issue:

In the workflow responsible for downloading the yearly report, I’ve used the type into avtivity in order to type the file name in the field. I’ve composed the filename by using the function Path.Combine, as follows:


ReportFileName !

Altought it composes the filename correctly , it never saves it with this name Report-FR…-January.csv and, therefore, the activity Read CSV isn’t able to find the file.

I’d really apreciate your help on this! Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


I have two questions, and maybe I can help:

  1. Does it save the file at all? If so what name does it save under?
  2. Can you show the next function (Click on Save) perhaps there’s the problem?

Also, just try “Write Line” for your ReportFilePath to and see what you get.

Hello, @ziga.hanzic. Thank you very much for your answer!

  1. Well, it doesn’t save the file at all, altough it types its name correctly in the field.

Here is the function Click on save. I put the simulate click on it.

I wonder if the language of my pc plays a role on this.

When I try to “print” the ReportFilePath, it writes it correctly…i find this weird.

Thank you again!

Hey, if you havent figured it out yet, heres a few things you can try:

  1. Set simulate click to automatic (so not selected)
  2. Check the Selector (Although that seems good)
    3 Set the Simulate type on the “Type Into” to False
  3. And the last one, although I forgot why i did that, is to add “”"" before and after ReportFilePath

if all this fails semd me the xaml file of this process and ill try and plug it into my project to see what happens :slight_smile: