Level 3 assignment 2 performer - dont understand

Hi guys

Im currently doing the Yearly Report assignment and im done with my Dispatcher.
So im gonna begin on my Performer process now but i have a question regarding those 2 processes.

  1. Should i use the SAME Reframework template for BOTH process?
  • If yes --> then i dont know how to change the variable type ‘TransactionItem’ to a queueItem without messing the whole process up. (TransactionItem is a STRING in the Dispatcher)
  1. Should i duplicate the Reframework and start there with my Performer?
  • If yes --> how am i gonna make sure that the 2 processes i created with 2 different Reframework templates will cooperate?

Thank you in advance.

Hey @duongtn34, you need to copy Reframework to create separate workflow for Performer and make sure after running Dispatcher workflow you will run Performer workflow. Both workflows should run separately so no need to incorporate it.

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Please go through this

and also go through this post

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